Not all of Tiger Woods’ sponsors dropped him after his infidelity/sex addiction scandal. Nike hung on, possibly knowing how valuable Woods is to the game of golf. Still, Nike heads may have been able to forgive Woods for the embarrassment he caused them, but judging from the company’s new advertisement, they may not be too quick to forget. The ad features a voice-over from Tiger’s deceased father, Earl, as the golf champion stares into the camera blinking and looking forlorn. “I want to find out what your thinking was. I want to find out what your feelings are and did you learn anything,” Earl says. Knowing how close Woods was to his father who began training him for his golfing career when he was four years old, the clip has a sense of reproach. Perhaps this is Nike’s slap on the wrist for Tiger. Pulling in his father to say, “Woods, you screwed up. Your actions cost us a lot of money and jeopardized our faith in you as a spokesperson. We’re going to stand behind you, but we’re going to give you a public scolding first.” What do you think about the ad? Is Tiger getting a talking-to from Nike, via the voice of his late father? Read More: