Tiger Woods’ estranged older brother, Earl Woods, Jr., is speaking out against his younger sibling, and he’s making it clear that his shoulder isn’t one to cry on. In an interview with a Phoenix TV station, the oldest half-brother of the golf champ says he thinks their dad, Earl Woods, “would be very disappointed” and that Tiger “blew it” by cheating on ex-wife, Elin Nordegren… “[Dad] would probably want to know how he’s going to fix it. You’re grown enough to get into this mess; how are you going to repair it?” So what was his opinion of his brother’s publicized sex scandal? “The same as my dad’s [opinion] would have been,” he said. “Stupid. Stupid. It’s not like him.” Earl Jr., whose daughter Cheyenne Woods is one of the top amateur golfers in the U.S., added that he wished his younger brother could have reached out to the family more to learn from his ordeal. But he didn’t think it was time to throw the towel on Tiger’s career just yet. “Once the dust settles, he’ll start being productive,” he said. “Once he gets back on track, he’ll be right back to where he was, if not better.”