According to People.com, Tiger Woods‘ wife Elin Nordegren wants to patch things up with her cheating husband. People reported that Nordegren visited Woods at the Gentle Path clinic in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where he is being treated for sexual addiction. After three weeks have passed, the program invites patients’ spouses to visit for a week, a former patient told People. It’s time for Tiger to come clean to his wife about his cheating, the patient said. Like any marriage, there are probably many variables involved in Elin’s decision to give her marriage one more try. It is likely that Nordegren wants to stick it out for their two kids. She wants them to have their father around. It’s also possible that she’s gotten accustomed to her life in Florida and in the states and doesn’t wish to uproot herself and her children. Some people will point to the fact that Tiger’s revised pre-nuptial agreement promises her $55 million if she stays for two more years. Whatever the reason, if Tiger is truly committed to changing and Elin is willing to put in the work with her husband, this marriage may be worth saving. Ultimately it’s up to them to decide.