On Friday’s episode of The Real, Tia Mowry-Hardrict explained why she fought back against a woman who called her fat. “I am a size six, I’m proud of what I am. This woman said that I was fat. And I’m like, wow, the average size in America is a size 12/14, and so I guess you’re calling a lot of women fat, which I think is really ridiculous.”

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The Tia Mowry At Home star further added, “People have to be responsible for their actions,” she explains. “I have to be responsible for what I do and what I say on Instagram, but not only that, it’s about social media bullying. […] This is a huge problem.”

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Adrienne Bailon also shared her experience with online bullying telling viewers that she struggles with it everyday. Mowry-Hardrict isn’t sure why people bully anyone online, but the actress and personality hopes that people really consider what they’re saying online, “We need to support each other. I think that women are beautiful at any size that they are.”

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