T.I. On Trump: “I Don’t Believe Any Lives Matter To Him”
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

T.I. is one of many celebs who has been vocal about his disdain for Donald Trump and rightly so. The presidential nominee’s xenophobic and racist rhetoric has made hate the platform of a political party and has received a scary number of supporters. 

TMZ caught up with T.I. at LAX and asked the rapper if he thought Trump valued black lives. “Is that a trick question?” T.I. asks, “Absolutely not. I don’t believe any lives matter to him except the ones that look, act, and operate like his.”

The cameraman and the rapper also discussed the Republican nominee’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” with T.I. lamenting, “Whatever time it is, you either had slavery, women couldn’t vote, black people weren’t considered an entire citizen, segregation, crack epidemic, which was funded and initiated by the Contra scandal. All of these times in America were some shit times for us. So whatever he’s trying to get back to is some shit we need to get far away from.”

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