Throwback Thursday: What’s Your Favorite Soap Opera of All Time?
ABC/ Getty

Can you believe the era of daytime soap operas is over? Remember a time when all you had to do was say a character’s name and everyone knew who you were talking about? Erica Kane! Omg, Angie Baxter and Jesse Hubbard!

For over half a century, soaps like As the World Turns and The Young & the Restless were the juggernauts of daytime TV. And then, just as dramatic as their plotlines, the screen went dark for some of our most beloved soaps. Lucky for avid fans, dramas like All My Children and One Life to Live can still be seen on Hulu and the OWN network. But its just not the same. Remember watching General Hospital as you waited to watch Oprah? Oh the memories. [poll id=352006]