There’s a Documentary in the Works About the Woman Who Influenced Destiny’s Child
Erik Umphery/Getty Images for Parkwood Entertainment

Tillman Estates just began production on a documentary about the late Andretta Tillman, the woman who managed Destiny’s Child alongside Matthew Knowles and Brian K. Moore, author of The Making of a Child of Destiny: The Andretta Tillman Story.

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The film, A Child of Destiny, will follow the ups and downs of Tillman’s life and the impact she had on Destiny’s Child.

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Armon Tillman shared, “We are excited to finally be bringing my mother’s story to the public. So often people have told the Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child story, and she was briefly mentioned or forgotten all together. The blessing over the past two years is that her name is back in the news again. Thanks to J Randy, and most especially to her former partner and dear friend Kenny Moore.”

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A Child of Destiny is expected to be released in May.