In the latest on the ignorance of Black hair care and how to address ignorance in the office, a TMZ reporter comes to The Weeknd’s defense when his fellow TMZ peers don’t believe he washes his hair everyday.

While leaving an airport, The Weeknd was harassed about his hair by a TMZ photog who asked, “What’s your hair care regimen?” to which The Weeknd answers, “I’m Black.”

Not an answer that sufficed for the photographer, he pressed, “How often do you wash your hair?”

The Weeknd answers, “Every day.”

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When the TMZ team, watching the clip from the office, begin to scuff in disbelief claiming that The Weeknd’s hair regimen “can’t be possible” due to the fact he wears dreads, a fellow reporter comes to the defense of loc-wearing individuals.

“Shut up, stupid white people,” he accurately addresses them. “You wash your dreads every day because it already locks and you can wash them as much as you want to.”

Watch the video above.

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