Today is the day of truth in the highly contested presidential election of 2008 between Republican Arizona Senator John McCain and Democratic Illinois Senator Barack Obama. The polling center located in Phoenix’s posh North Scottsdale area sits hidden on a side street amongst million dollar homes and desert landscapes. The sky is clear blue and six-foot cacti are within one’s eye-level view.
So far, the lines in this polling center are not long pace. Voters, some with expressions of anticipation and some covered with blank stares, are standing patiently yet eager to get inside and let their voices be heard through a ballot.
Voter Susie LeSage of Scottsdale discusses her choice today of presidential candidate. “I voted for John McCain because I prefer his stance on the wars, the economy and his stance toward the pro-life issue. We put too many resources in Iraq and Afghanistan and need to finish the job right.” However, that sentiment is not shared throughout LeSage’s family. “My husband voted for Barack Obama. He looked at the issue of who is going to be the most cohesive force in this country,” she says.
LeSage’s father in-law, a staunch Bush supporter, has changed his support and will vote for the Democratic candidate. The reason? Barack Obama reminds her father-in-law of President John F. Kennedy.
Attitudes are changing in Arizona. McCain and Palin should not take Arizona voters for granted. 
The latest polls from the American Research Group indicate the race for the White House is very close in Arizona, with McCain leading Obama by only four points (50 percent to 46 percent). Time will soon tell if McCain-Palin supporters in Arizona will be the key for a Republican Party win on Election Day.
Have you voted in Arizona? Tell us your story.

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