Single on Valentine’s Day

Get Your Self-Love On This Valentine’s Day

It’s said that Valentine’s Day makes single women feel like crap. We’re not in a relationship so all of a sudden on February 14 our whole lives seem pointless because we don’t have someone to share the holiday of love with, right? Wrong! This year, we’ve made it our business to break down the “lonely single girl moping on Valentine’s Day” myth this year. If you don’t have somebody to love, use V-day as a time to get back to taking care of yourself like you know you should. Indulge in a little extra primping and pampering and spend some time with some people who you know love you just the way you are — your girlfriends. Who knows, with that confident attitude, you might just meet someone to share next Valentine’s Day with … or at least the next few Saturday nights….

Start The Day Before

This year Valentine’s Day is on a Monday, which means Valentine’s Day eve is on your get-right-day, otherwise known as Sunday. Schedule in a little me-time between running errands to stop into to the nail salon. Get your nails painted in your favorite color of love — like sweetheart light pink or sultry cherry red. We’re not sure what it is, but a fresh manicure is always followed by a good mood.

Wake Up Call

Set your alarm a little earlier this morning so you can give yourself some extra time to get ready. Scrub all those rough areas you’ve been meaning to attend to, fix your hair in your favorite style and slip into that outfit that makes you feel like a go-getter at work and a major hottie after dark — it’s going to be a long day. If you’re looking for the right time to whip out that new vixen red lipstick, now’s your chance.

Give Yourself a Break

While your boo’ed up work friends are getting flower deliveries at their cubicles at work, you’re taking yourself out to that new nearby cafe for lunch away from the desk. Take a chill pill and reflect on why it’s so great to be you. Bring a notepad with you and write down all the amazing qualities you possess that make you more than just a great future wife.

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Bring ‘Em Out

Back at the desk, send out an email to all of your fabulous single girl friends. Tell them, “Cancel your plans for watching a romantic comedy and eating ice cream in front of the TV. Tonight we’re crashing Valentine’s Day.” We told you that fabulous outfit would come in handy.

Get Yourself a Sexy Gift

Before you meet up with your crew, pop into your favorite lingerie shop. You’re hitched girlfriends shouldn’t be the only ones getting sexy undergarments for V-day. Treat yourself to a new little somethin’ somethin.’P.S. If you’re in the market for a pleasure toy upgrade (And who isn’t?) now would be the perfect time to get hip to a new vibration, if you catch our drift.

Have Fun, Get Lucky

Guess who’s most likely to be going out on the town on Valentine’s Day — other single people, including guys. Your chances of meeting a man who’s unhitched could actually go up on February 14. All that self-loving confidence you’ve been channeling all day is bound to rub off on some eligible bachelor. If you find a single guy that suits your interest, chat him up, dance with him, kiss him if you want to. No one’s saying he has to be your future husband, but he could keep you warm until winter is over.