We know Tracy Morgan declared that Black people don’t watch the Winter Olympics on “Letterman” and “Ellen,” but if you have been tuning in to the competitions in Vancouver, you’ve noticed a topless piece of eye candy riding a horse on a beach, promoting Old Spice during the commercial breaks. That hottie is former Seattle Seahawks receiver and actor Isaiah Mustafa. And you’re not the only one whose noticed him. People.com did some investigating and found that Mustafa’s been blowing up since his first Old Spice commercial launched on YouTube on February 4. His bawdiness in the advertisement was not planned, Mustafa told Los Angeles Times. The day before shooting the commercial, he called a friend from college and left an exaggerated rehearsal of his script on his friend’s voicemail. He decided to try it for the ad-heads and they loved it. We’re ignoring the part of the article where Mustafa–who’s appeared on “Ugly Betty,” “Days of Our Lives,” and ABC’s “Castle”–reveals he’s got a girlfriend. Keep doing your thing Isaiah, we can’t wait to see …um… more of you. Read More: