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We were hooked the moment the five ladies of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” made their introductions. These women’s lives are far from the realities of most suburban moms. First, we have the pleasure of meeting NBA wife DeShawn as she enters her family’s new dream home and prepares to recruit her executive staff, including a chef, nanny and a governess (yeah, we’re still trying to figure out what that is too; maybe that’s the woman who runs things when DeShawn’s not home? Just a hunch).  

Next, there’s NeNe, the self-proclaimed “life of the party,” who doesn’t hold back how she got—and keeps— her real estate tycoon husband of 11 years (“and it ain’t through his stomach”), though he’s quick to tell her to go easy on the bread at dinner. Hmmmm. And her older son is definitely crying for a little more attention from mom. NeNe’s partner-in-crime arrives in the unexpected package of Kim, the lone White housewife of the crew, who describes herself as “Black in a White woman’s body.” She definitely has us curious as to who her secret sugar daddy is. He’s only known as “Big Poppa,” and he buys her an Escalade over the phone (Note to self: Didn’t Karrine Steffans also write about a “Big Poppa” in her tell-all book? Say it ain’t so!). But what’s an Escalade when your man won’t even allow you to share your relationship with the world, or even your girls. Hmmmm…we’re not so confident about a marriage.  

The definition of a housewife continued to be redefined after Lisa, wife of NFL footballer Ed Hartwell, hit the scene. She is definitely capable of wearing the pants in the relationship, as she runs back and forth to meetings concerning her clothing line and real estate company, while her husband trains to return to the turf. She alludes to her previous bad marriage, but we were patiently waiting for her to reveal the not-so-small fact that her ex is singer Keith Sweat. We’re definitely hoping for an appearance by the R&B vet.

Rounding out our housewives is Sheree, the recently divorced NFL wife (wait, that would mean she’s really not a wife, right? Okay, but we digress) who is ready to reintroduce herself to the world as a single woman at her big birthday bash. Following the women as they get ready for the party is like watching giggly school girls prepare for the prom—with all the drama that accompanies the high school affair. We soon learn there is some old beef between Sheree and NeNe, and Sheree extends the olive branch and invites NeNe to her party. But don’t give Sheree any friendship awards just yet, as she proclaims, “I have more class than NeNe. I wouldn’t put her and fashion in the same sentence.” 

Meanwhile, NeNe looks to steal some of the birthday girl’s shine, and dresses in her best to turn heads. After a quick pit stop at a gas station where Kim changes her dress in the parking lot, screaming, “I’m classy,” the duo sets off to make their fashionably late entrance to Sheree’s party and finally restore the peace between the ladies. As Sheree is serenaded, Kim and NeNe strut to the door and learn NeNe’s name hasn’t made the list. Once the oversight is corrected, and Sheree’s assistants profusely apologize, NeNe’s pride and fierce outfit aren’t convinced, and she’s certain Sheree purposely left her name off after inviting her.  

Between foul language, NeNe belts out, “It’s going to be war.” And so begins next week’s battle. One of many, we’re sure.