After four weeks of vivid and at times heartbreaking testimony, the rested their case today. Now all eyes are on the defense, which will try to prove Dr. Conrad Murray’s innocence.

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In all, the prosecution called 33 witnesses to the stand, including multiple experts, paramedics and doctors. The defense is expected to call about 15 witnesses in the coming weeks.

But they jumped right in today calling Dona Norris, a records custodian for the Beverly Hills Department, according to CBS News.

There’s no word if Murray himself will speak in his own defense. It’s unlikely, because he would then be subjected to cross-examination by the prosecution, which would no doubt be merciless.

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Either way, it will be a long and arduous road for the defense. They have the task of debunking so much of what has been said of Murray, including Dr. Steven Shafer’s list of 17 medical errors that he claims Murray committed — any of which could have ended Jackson’s life.

This is only phase two of the trial.

Do you believe the defense can prove their case?


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