10 Most-Talked About Moments from BET’s “The Game”

“The Game” Season Premiere

Last night televisions everywhere were locked in to the season premiere of BET’s “The Game,” and to say the show’s comeback to TV was “highly anticipated”-would be an understatement. After being canceled on the CW network, audiences who loved the show craved for more, until BET announced they were bringing it back. Now on it’s fourth season the dramedy made its debut in a major way, garnering some 7.7 million viewers, a record for BET. In a matter of minutes of being on the air “The Game,” and the BET network had taken every Twitter trending topic slot, and instantly we knew this season was going to be a hit. In case you missed last night’s episode, here’s a countdown of the most talked about moments of the show:

10. Meagan Good Plays the Naughty Girl

Audiences weren’t the least bit surprised to see Megean Good typecast once again as the naughty girl on the season premiere of “The Game.” Playing the wife of the San Diego Sabers’ owner, the show opens with Goode on getting her S&M on with no other than Malik (Hosea Chanchez) in the bathroom. The show ends with her naked in hot tub cheating again with Malik and-another woman!

9. Terrence J plays Dontae

Speaking of naked, we don’t think anyone saw Terrence J’s no shirt, towel, baby oil cameo coming. Cast to play the much younger boy toy of Tasha Mack, Dontae made everyone gasp when he slobbed down Tasha in the opening scenes helping her get her groove back. The first kiss shocked us, but by the fifth most of us were trying not to toss our cookies. Tasha and Mr.106 and Park? Say it ain’t so.

8. Kelly is Brand New

Off the heels of a bitter divorce, Kelly Pitts (Brittany Daniel), Jason’s ex-wife returns this season with a new attitude — and fashion sense. With a new Rihanna circa 2009 haircut, fake Angelina Jolie tattoo, and a reality show — Kelly is on a mission to make Jason’s life miserable and get revenge on ex-friend Tasha Mack. Gangsta looks good on Kelly.

7. Malik and Jason Pitts: Boys Gone Wild

This season, Jason (Coby Bell) and Malik (Chanchez) have no filters and no brakes. It’s like the two are competing to see who can be the bigger douchebag. We can’t decide which was worse: Malik having a threesome with his boss’ wife and best friend’s girlfriend or Jason trying to sabotage his ex-wife Kelly’s new reality show?

6. Tasha Mack’s One Liners

No one can deliver a line as fiercely as Wendy Raquel Robinson, aka Tasha Mack, can. Her notable/ quotables from last night include, “Wifey-1, Baby Mama-0,” and “Did Ruby Dee turn you down for a booty call?” We knew Tasha Mack was still our #1 sistah girl!

5. Brand Shout Outs

Essence Magazine and Nike had to break some kind of record for receiving the most plugs and shout outs in one episode of show. Of course we’re ecstatic…Go Essence!

4. Tee-Tee Finally Mans Up

Tee-Tee, Malik’s cousin and former personal assistant is finally doing his own thing. In attempts to come from up under Malik’s overbearing rule, he opens his own chicken cart (thanks BET!) and finds himself a love interest. While we’re glad Tee-Tee is proving he’s no longer Malik’s flunky, we miss his comic relief.

3. Tasha’s Smoking Session

It was shocking enough to even see Tasha smoking, but leave it to BET to have her puffing on a Middleton Black and Mild. Like really a cigarette couldn’t suffice, you had to place the cheapest and most hood of all cigars in her hand? One step forward for Middleton, five steps back for Black people.

2. Derwin, You Are Not The Father

After Tasha puts crazy thoughts in Melanie’s head, “Med School” decides to give Derwin’s now 2-year-old son a DNA test to determine Derwin’s paternity. When the test results come back negative, Melanie now a housewife, can’t wait to tell Derwin the news and crush his heart. However, when she finds out the results were a mistake and he is the father, she is way more hesitant to tell Derwin the real truth. It’s because ofMelanie that “The Game,” has become our first all Black soap opera.

1. Brit-Brat is a Grown Woman

Most talked about moment on the show! Brittany, affectionately known as Brit-Brat, was the pre-teen daughter of Jason and Kelly Pitts that we’d all grown to love. However when she made her appearance on last night’s episode everyone tried to figure out not only why she was recast, but why she now looked 28 years old after only two years. You can’t fool true fans of the show, let’s get the real Brittany back before this one goes through menopause, thanks.