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The Dream: 'Blacks Can't Do Soul Records Anymore'

Producer and singer The Dream claims Black artists prefer club hits over soul sounds.
The Dream’s latest comments about Black singers have ruffled some feathers and undoubtedly a few industry folks he works with. The producer and songwriter said Black singers “can’t sing soul music anymore,” in his latest interview with the UK’s Guardian.

During the interview, The Dream compared British songbird Adele to Beyoncé. Ironically, he’s worked with Beyoncé on several occasions, most recently on her 4 album.

“It’s called rhythm and blues, they just took the blues out of it for so long. We love Adele singing it, but Beyoncé singing it? No,” says the producer and songwriter.

The Dream claims Black artists only want to create pop music these days. “No, the tempo’s too slow, give me the club hit. Now the Blacks in America are responsible for the pop records, and everybody else is singing soulful records. It’s weird to me. We’re pigeonholed over there.”

It certainly appears that the music industry is blurring the lines between pop and R&B music these days. And the numbers don’t lie, Usher, Rihanna and Chris Brown have all successfully crossed over and found a whole new group of fans in the pop realm.

Is The Dream on to something? Have Black artists lost their way?