Reunited and it feels so good! The cast of the 1999 film “The Best Man” is joining forces for the upcoming sequel, “The Best Man 2.” PHOTOS: A Look Ahead at Black Talent in Movies in 2011 According to Deadline Hollywood, Universal has commanded Malcolm D. Lee to write, direct and produce “Best Man 2,” a sequel to the 1999 film. Lee wrote and directed the original, a comedy in which a writer (Taye Diggs) is preparing to be the best man for his football player buddy (Morris Chestnut), but the timing is bad because the writer’s autobiographical novel is about to be released and it describes how the best man bedded the bride. PHOTOS: The Cast Of The Best Man Reunites For Dinner The cast was seen together a few months ago for a 12-year-reunion, and we’re so happy to see them back on screen together. A classic film, and one of our favorites! the-best-man-reunion-launch-icon