I believe all hair is not created the same, but has the right to be treated as equal. It’s okay to walk into a boardroom with waves or come to work in braids. Hair should be free to grow short or long, kinky or straight. With this ideal I hope I can empower women to wear their hair with confidence and pride. By embracing every hair texture, I encourage women to love and wear the hair they were born with. For years cosmetics brands and magazines have broadcast a universal standard of beauty rather than a texture-specific approach. Hair Rules stands to challenge this idea and after decades of hair conformity, I’m finally noticing a shift in women’s attitudes towards their hair. Instead of bringing in pictures of sleek-haired bombshells, more clients are coming to me with their own unique and realistic hair goals. I’ve had everything from a request to recreate Rihanna’s stand-out style (circa shaved sides) to Beyonce’s wind-blown holiday curls and I couldn’t be happier. At Hair Rules, we’ve even come up with a little mantra for women looking to join the natural hair movement–Your Choice. Your Hair. Your Rules. Your Choice: Who says sexy hair has to be straight? That relaxer habit is a hard one to kick — trust me I know — but I recommend all women give their natural texture a chance, even if just for a month. In order to discover your hair’s true texture, swap your current shampoo for a non-suds, sulfate-free cleanser such as Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream and hold off on your next relaxer visit, opting instead for a professional blow-dry. Most salons still use traditional shampoos so don’t forget to bring your new cleanser with you to ensure your hair is left clean and hydrated. Your Hair: At first your tresses may feel foreign and even unattractive, but give hair a chance to settle before deciding au natural isn’t your style. Your hair is part of what makes you unique, so don’t be afraid to stand out and be noticed and look like you . Your Rules: This is the fun part. Experiment with your hair. If you always wear it up, try letting it down, if you’ve been hiding under your hair, tie it back and show off your beautiful face. You may even find your new texture lends itself to a different hair hue than the one you’ve been wearing. The options are endless! Of course if you decide your natural texture isn’t cutting it, it’s your prerogative to march right back to the salon and hit the relaxer (or the extensions), because you’re in charge of being your most beautiful self. Celeb stylist Anthony Dickey is the creator of the Hair Rules hair care line. For more of Dickey, the Texture Guru’s expert advice, click here.