Texas Mother and Children Accidentally Pulled Over at Gunpoint by Police

Texas mother Kametra Barbour was pulled over and arrested at gunpoint in front of her children after police mistook her for a suspect on the loose.

The police were responding to a 911 call reporting a driver who was waving a gun out of a “beige-or tan-colored Toyota occupied by four black men.”

The caller told police that the suspect fled down the highway before turning off at a certain highway exit. When the officers explored the exit they found Barbour’s red Nissan Maxima and proceeded to arrest her despite the fact that her car did not match the caller’s description.

In a video of the arrest, filmed on the police car’s dash cam video, you see everyone in Barbour’s car sticking their hands out of the window, followed by Barbour exiting and backing up towards the officers car with her hands up in the air.

The mother is then put in handcuffs while she asks the cops for an explanation.

“What is going on? Oh my God, you will terrify my children,” Barbour says in the video.

Soon after, her six-year-old son exits her car with his hands up in the air and asks the police if they’re going to jail while the other kids (ages 8, 9, and 10) scream and cry in the car.

By this point, the officers realize they have the wrong car and attempt to calm everyone down.

Forney Police Detective Michael Clay later told WFAA that the officer’s actions were justified given “the nature of the call — that a weapon was involved.”

Barbour on the other hand says she is still troubled by that incident. “I need you to make sure you have all the facts, because you can’t just say, ‘Okay, I’m sorry,’ and then I’m over it. I can’t,” she told reporters.

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