Texas Mom Wants School Employee Fired Over Calling Her Son A ‘Monkey’

Brittany Miner is claiming an employee at her son's elementary school called him a monkey.
Paula Rogo Dec, 08, 2018

A Texas mother is calling for the firing of a teacher in her son’s elementary school for calling the five-year-old a monkey.

According to CBS 11 Dallas, Brittany Miner is claiming an employee at the Edna Rowe Elementary School called her son a monkey then associated the term with his appearance.

“He was jumping around, playing, 5-year-old kid behavior,” Miner said. “As she approached us and got closer she was like ‘oh he’s running around, he’s like a little monkey’.”

When Miner corrected the employee, the employee proceeded to say intimate that Miner’s son looks like a monkey.

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Now Miner wants the employee gone, and she has hired an attorney to help her if the Dallas Independent School District (DISD) does not follow through.

“That lets me know that she doesn’t have any regard to what she was saying to people of color,” Miner said.

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A DISD spokesperson said that staff member has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.


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