Texas Family Pursuing Civil Lawsuit After No Indictment Against Officer In Pool Party Police Brutality Case
FOX 4 News/YouTube

The family of 15-year-old Dajerria Becton is pressing forward for justice following a Texas grand jury decision not to indict the police officer who manhandled her during an incident at a pool party last summer.

Former McKinney, Texas police officer Eric Casebolt was shown on camera aggressively going after a group of Black teens outside of an afternoon pool party in the summer of 2015 while responding to reports of a disturbance in the neighborhood. The most shocking part of the video footage shows Casebolt forcefully grabbing a bikini-clad Dajerria and wrestling her to the ground, before eventually placing his knee in her back in an attempt to “restrain” her as she lay face down in the grass with her hands pinned behind her back.

Texas Cop Won’t Be Charged For Aggressively Manhandling Black Teen Girl At Pool Party

Following the announcement that the former officer would not be indicted for criminal charges in connection with the incident last Thursday, Dajerria’s family has begun taking necessary steps to file a civil lawsuit against him. Becton Family attorney Kim Cole spoke with NewsOne on Monday, where she shared an update on the teen’s physical and mental condition, as well as a few details about the pending civil suit. “Physically, she has healed,” Cole said of Dajerria. “She is struggling emotionally. With all of this being back in the media again, it’s difficult. It’s tough for her. This is something that will follow her for the rest of her life.”

The Becton family is reportedly seeking to pursue the civil suit against former officer Casebolt on several charges including assault, battery, unlawful detention, and infliction of emotional distress.

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