10 Things You Didn’t Know About Matt Kemp


1. All American Boy

Matt grew up in the heartland of the USA, in Midwest City, Oklahoma. He played baseball and basketball at Midwest City High School, where he was teammates with the Boston Celtics’ Shelden Williams.

2. Ballin

Although he chose MLB, Matt still loves basketball. He hosted the 6th Annual Celebrity Basketball Game on Sunday December 20, 2009.

3. Video Stud

The L.A. Dodger appeared in a short clip of LeToya Luckett’s music video for “She Ain’t Got,” as Luckett sang “swing batter, batter, batter.”

4. Two Timing

This isn’t the first time Kemp worn a Dodgers jersey. Before heading to the big league, he started out in the Minors with the Gulf Coast Dodgers.

5. Where the Buffalo Roam

Matt was nicknamed “The Bison” after his second Major League Baseball game on May 29, 2006, when he stole second base during the fourth inning. TV announcer Don Sutton said he looked “like a big buffalo running around the bases.”

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6. Gold Finger

In 2009 Matt Kemp won a Golden Glove Award for his outstanding personal performance.

7. Ink

Like Rihanna, Matt’s got a thing for body art. The MLB star’s been known to hit up True Blue Tattoo in Los Angeles when he’s looking to get inked with a new design.

8. The Man in Charge

When he goes up to bat, “the Bison” likes to get amped with Miami rapper Rick Ross’ “The Boss” playing in the background.

9. Cha-Ching

Matt’s making bank off his batting average. He raked in a cool $5 million last year. Not bad for a 25-year-old small-town-boy.

11. Mouthing Off

When it comes to looking for love, a nice grill seals the deal for Kemp. “I like good teeth,” he told “Young Hollywood.” No wonder he’s all about Rihanna and her winning smile.

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