If you’ve been following the steps of “10-Minute Style,” you’ve been collecting and categorizing fabulous pieces to match your lifestyle. While suggesting that you use things you already have and offering clues for fall purchases, here are my “10 Fall Clues to Transition the End of Summer Blues”:     1. Easy: Start with one easy, fabulous piece from your summer wardrobe: A dress or a skirt, capris or shorts and build a story.     2. Layer: sweaters, blazers or vest to add warmth and texture to your easy summer favorites. Leather, corduroy, cashmere and light wool are great transitional fabrics. Layer sundresses with t-shirts, blouses or lightweight turtlenecks. Caution! Make sure the colors that are layered are not totally summer hues. Keep it fall-like! Mix light and dark textures and tones.     3. Belts: A leather belt can pull a layered look together, especially a belted sweater with summer t-shirt and capris, balanced with a shoe boot. Belts and boots or shoes in the same color will pull many looks together effortlessly. For example: experiment with a grey belt and grey shoes paired with a navy dress and see how fresh it can look.     4. Necklaces: have always been a classic way to update or glamour-ize any outfit. Pearls, chunky gold or silver, abstract materials or layers of gemstones or beads are cool for fall but often too hot for summer.     5. Brooches: need substantial fabrics to adhere to. This makes it the perfect fall accessory. You can attach to blazers, hats, scarves and sweaters for your own signature look. Visiting flea markets and antique shops during these last days of summer can set you up with fantastic accoutrements.     6. Scarves: are VERY stylish and practical as the temperatures change. Choosing colors and textures that pull your wardrobe color palette together can give you instant finesse.     7. Bracelets: Everyone loves bracelets in the summer. Replace summer styles with bracelets made of snakeskin, pony or leather. Textured gold and silver cuffs are fall worthy styles. Bracelets with fall colored stones are also great autumn wardrobe boosters.     8. Tights: in textures and opaque colors will make a summer dress look fresh for fall, especially if the dress is paired with a great jacket, sweater and a great pair of boots or booties. Fall hues can pull summer weights into the next season. Tights with shorts or mini skirts can make sense for fall sexiness.     9. Shoes: Brogues, Loafer, Booties, Knee Boots, Maryjanes, Pumps, Cowboy boots and Lace up Granny styles are classic choices for fall. To merge summer look into fall, invest in shoes that have reptile textures, leopard pony skins, shiny patents and fall brights or modern neutrals to add autumn freshness to your favorite summer looks. Sleek suede boots looks very elegant for day and fall nights!     10. Bags: Everyone loves their straw or canvas tote in the summer. Replace this carryall bag with a leather version. You can still feel like you are on vacation, but your bag says summer is over and back to business! Choose colors like chocolate brown, steel gray, mulberry or hunter green for modern classic style.   Even if you live in a climate that doesn’t change much, the end of summer represents transitioning to a more grounded existence. The seriousness of fall gets everyone’s attention as summer slowly fades. Take this time to reflect on the happiness of summer and pull those good times into fall with “10-Minute Style.” For more stories by Harper, click here.