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Teenage Entrepreneur Raises Over $17,000 For Lawn Care Dream Business

Cleveland high schooler Daron Taylor is a teenage entrepreneur with some serious #businessgoals.
Teenage Entrepreneur Raises Over $17,000 For Lawn Care Dream Business
@deonshotme via Instagram

A local Cleveland high schooler is proving that you’re never to young to work hard and make your goals a reality.

Ninth grader Daron Taylor has already made a name for himself in his neighborhood with a budding lawn care service and now he’s looking to take his rising business to the next level.  

The ambitious teen and his younger brother recently gained some traction on social media when his neighbor and professional photographer Deon shared a video of Daron explaining how he hand-made an attachment for his bicycle to make it easier for him to transport his lawnmower and other items they use to tend to the lawns of their clients. “Well, I like cutting grass, but then I have yards that [are] way too far,” he said in the video clip. “I don’t like walking to push the lawnmower and weed whacker so, I saved up enough money to buy this bike right here and I bought a couple of pieces of wood and that’s how I made the trailer and the hitch.”

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Daron went on to elaborate about how he gets his work done before handing Deon one of his business cards. 

See the inspiring exchange in the clip below.

The video has since been making rounds on social media, which led Daron to launch an Instagram page for his business with a little encouragement from Deon. 

The young entrepreneur also started a GoFundMe page for those looking to support his goal of raising $25,000 to put towards what he hopes will become “the world’s largest lawn care service.” In just four short days, the brothers have received over $17,000 in donations.

Kudos to these young men for getting a head start on pursuing their goals.

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