Waiting for college acceptance letters can be stressful for young people as they try to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives. But when you get into 19 of the best universities in the world, the choice becomes even more stressful.

Seventeen-year-old Nigerian American student Oludamilola Oluwadara Adekeye has a huge decision ahead of her. The graduating senior at Brighton College in Abu Dhabi recently learned that she’d gotten into more than a dozen top tier colleges, including Yale, Stanford, Columbia, and the London School of Economics.

Adekeye, who plays the violin, is still unsure about what her major will be (she’s deciding between international relations and economics), but we have no doubt this teen will go on to do amazing things.

Adekeye’s astonishing news comes just a week after another brilliant Black teen, 17-year-old Micheal Brown, was accepted to all 20 of the top colleges in the country. Both teens credit their success to their families, who’ve helped them get this far and hope their hard work will be an inspiration to others.

“Out of all the students to achieve similar feats, I am just very happy and very honored to share my story and inspire other students,” Brown said.