Ted Gibson Explains How to Have Longevity in the Hair Industry
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Having long, healthy hair is paramount. It doesn’t matter what color you dye it, or how long or short it is, if your hair is unhealthy, the style never looks good. We recently caught up with celebrity hairstylist, Ted Gibson who’s been in the hair industry for over 30 years to share a few tips that has helped him become successful.

“Having longevity in the industry is what everyone should think about,” says Gibson.

“But remember, there aren’t any overnight successes. Success doesn’t just happen, each step is calculated.” But, while well thought out decisions are ideal, the biggest advice Gibson has for hairstylists looking to make a mark in the word is to “never step on anyone’s toes,” he says. “Stay focused and be able to adapt to any situation.”

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Holiday Hair With Ted Gibson

And for those not in the hair industry, but looking to grow long, healthy hair, Gibson has a plan for you, too. “Stop switching hairstylists all the time!” he says. “Don’t go to someone because they’re cheaper. And, don’t allow yourself to sit in a salon for 8 hours. Value your time.”

Make an appointment at his NY salon at tedgibsonbeauty.com.