Teacher Does Little Girl’s Hair in Classroom: Was She Out of Line?

Here’s the story: A little girl goes to school one day with her hair in knots and leaves with her hair in pigtails.

The girl’s teacher posted a photo of the little girl’s hair on Facebook. “One of my students came to school today with her hair full of knots, lent, and ridiculously tangled,” she wrote. “So my classroom became a salon. I refused to let her leave school today the same way she came.”

So, the teacher took it upon herself to detangle, twist, and style her student’s hair. When she finished, she says the little girl took a look at herself and said, “aww, so pretty” at the sight of her new ‘do.

Was the teacher just being a good person or was she way out of line? 

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The Internet is split on this score. Some feel that the teacher was just looking out for the little girl. We know kids can be cruel about appearances. Adults can be cruel, too (remember how little Blue Ivy’s hair was attacked?). 

Still, there are others who feel that it wasn’t the teacher’s place to interfere. A classroom is for learning, not for hair styling, after all. Who is she to decide what hair is “supposed” to look like? That’s the parents’ responsibility.

What do you think? Is it okay for a teacher to do a child’s hair? Disclosure: we don’t know whether the teacher had permission from the child’s parent. Take our poll and let us know in the comments what you would do if you were the little girl’s parent.

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