In last night’s live chat about Black women and marriage, the subjects of how we treat our men and our preparedness for love kept coming up. One commenter mentioned that we should teach our children how to be better women, lovers, etc. So we thought it fitting to share some of a commentary that appeared on Momlogic today called, “Teach Your Daughter to love and Be Loved.”

Dr. Wendy Walsh writes:
“With all the emphasis on equality of the genders, it seems somehow un-PC to focus on what’s different about each gender. Bottom line: if we raise our girls exactly as we would a boy, we will get half a boy — because her most valuable feminine qualities will go un-nurtured. Qualities like caregiving, nurturing, nesting, and healthy, boundaried female sexuality are what we need to focus on. And it is hard to model and explain those qualities unless we have a male-female relationship on which to play life out…”

“With 40 percent of American babies currently being born out of wedlock and a 50 percent divorce rate, it is not realistic to assume that every girl will have a biological father on-site, let alone one who will be a good male role model. So it’s up to mothers to provide one. Our daughter’s brain will form a model of romantic love based on three primary relationships: that with a father; that with a mother; and the one a child witnesses between parents. If Dad is a deadbeat or MIA, it is time to enlist a responsible uncle, a close male friend, or a grandfather. Girls need to feel love, respect, and acceptance by a male in order to choose that trait in a love partner later in life.”

Read the full commentary on Momlogic.

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