“Baby on board” took on a whole new meaning for a pregnant couple and their taxi driver earlier this month. In a now-viral video, a mother can be seen giving birth to her child as her driver talks her through the process in the funniest, calmest manner imaginable. 

“Oh my gosh she’s coming out,” the mom is heard screaming to her partner in the roughly three-minute video clip. In an effort to calm the situation, the cab driver reminds the mother that she has to breathe.

“You have to breathe, mami. You have to breathe,” he says repeatedly.

All the while, the expectant father is in the backseat attempting to support his partner throughout the process. Though the goal was to make it to the hospital, the baby is clearly coming a lot quicker than expected.

“Her head is on my hand,” the mother says to the driver who looks back to assess the situation. He responds by encouraging her in his own comical way. “Do the magic. Do the magic,” he says. “Spread your legs.”

Before long, the child is completely out of the mother’s womb and the new parents are scrambling to figure out what to do next. Of course, the driver steps in with guidance.

“Hold your kid. Hold your kid,” he says with a seemingly New York City accent. “Just don’t get the s—t messy.”

At a point, the male passenger says, “I don’t know how to do this.” The driver comforts his fears by saying, “We’re driving. Everything is good. Clean the face. We Gucci.”

Before dropping the man and woman off to the hospital, the driver attempts to cash in on the experience by telling the couple, “I got this s—t on video.” Adding, “You have to pay me for it. Stop playing.” He also asks them to “hook him up” with a “little extra for the car wash.” 

Though the original source of the footage is not known, a timestamp seems to indicate that the incident took place on July 13 of this year. A Google search turned up with no leads as to who any of the people involved, are. However, the video now has more than 200,000 views on Facebook.


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