Tasha Smith Shares She’s Trying to Conceive
Getty Images

The ever outspoken Tasha Smith says she’s ready to have kids.

Smith opened up about trying to conceive a child with her husband of three years, Keith Douglas. She told Wendy Williams she keeps close track of her ovulating days.

“I’m working on it, honey. As a matter of fact, I’ll be ovulating soon. I countdown my days of travel during that time of ovulation. I get home or stay home,” she shared. “When you’re 42, you gotta pee on the stick! I’m taking it honey around the clock.”

She’s dedicated and committed to making a baby. In fact, she said her husband caught her standing upside down after making love. “I’m making sure it sticks, it’s dropping down!” she quipped.

And even though she doesn’t have any biological kids, Smith is a mother to her husband’s five kids. She doesn’t call them stepchildren, but “bonus kids.” And unlike her character Angela on For Better or Worse, she doesn’t have any baby-mama drama. “We’re all great friends,” Smith explained before sharing this Thanksgiving will be with every member of the family, including her “bonus” kids’ mothers. “This is the new normal baby!”