We are so excited for the release of Taraji P. Henson’s latest film “Larry Crowne.” The Oscar-nominated actress stars as B’Ella, the cooky neighbor of Larry who encounters a streak of luck after hitting the lotto. 

Taraji says working with Tom Hanks, who directed and co-wrote the film, was a dream come true. “It’s amazing working for him. The set is very stress free. It felt so easy, breezy, we laughed a lot on the set,” Taraji told “The Huffington Post.”

The most important lesson that Taraji learned from the film revolves around the movie’s message of bouncing back from hardships. “With so many people losing their jobs, I thought it was a positive spin on something that could be so negative. Some people could buckle and give up, but change could be something good,” Taraji said.

Taraji also got a kick out of her character’s affinity for garage sales. In the film B’Ella and her husband host several sales, something that Taraji says is all too familiar. “I used to be a garage sale fanatic. I would have the most amazing garage sales,” Taraji said. “You didn’t see stuff thrown on the tarp or grass. It was like a boutique.”

“Larry Crowne” hits theaters this Friday. We can’t wait to see Taraji do her thing!


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