Singer Tank sparked a Twitter war of words last night after he tweeted a question asking why dark-skinned women dislike light-skinned women. “I have an honest question,” he tweeted. “What do dark skinned women have against light skinned women? Aren’t we all black at the end of the day??”

It’s still unclear what prompted the singer to tweet the question on this particular day, but he did mention that his Facebook fans react negatively to pictures of his lighter-skinned girlfriends. “You should check the comments on my page when I post my light skinned girlfriend and maybe you’ll understand the frustration!” he wrote.

Twitter didn’t react kindly to the question.

To which, Tank responded:


The question is trite and assumes those of us who are dark-skinned have an inherent dislike of our lighter-skinned sisters. The issues of colorism in our community are deep and generational and cannot possibly be summarized with a simple “dark-skinned women hate light-skinned women.”

This Twitter user said it best:

What do you think of Tank’s question? Was he right to ask this?