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Tamron Hall Wonders If She Missed The Signs Of Prince's Substance Abuse

The close friend of the late legend shared her surprise about Prince's drug use.
Tamron Hall Wonders If She Missed The Signs Of Prince’s Substance Abuse
Brent N. Clarke/Getty Images

MSNBC news anchor and Today’s Take co-host Tamron Hall stopped by Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live to gossip with Andy Cohen Wednesday night, and fans wasted no time bringing up Hall’s longtime friendship with the late icon, Prince

Taking questions from Twitter and Facebook, one WWHL fan asked Hall about her favorite Prince record.

“Pink Cashmere,” she answers.

Cohen then uses the fan question to segue into reports of Prince’s alleged drug use, which Hall said surprised her completely. 

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“I have to assume all of the reports of his substance abuse is a surprise to you—” Andy says before the TODAY Show host cuts him off by saying, “It’s a devastating surprise. I had no idea.”

Hall, who took the news of Prince’s death especially hard, was nowhere to be seen on NBC or MSNBC the day after he died. Hall reportedly spent hours on the phone with The Purple One the Monday before his death, says Hollywood Reporter.

“I’ve learned a lot about substance abuse since then, and I think people hide these dark secrets from the people they love,” Hall told Watch What Happens Live. “Of course I question if I missed signs. I never even saw him drink. So for me it was a devastating thing that I’m still dealing with and understanding.”