Tameka Raymond On Missing A Child On Mother’s Day
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As so many of us celebrate our mother’s today, with mugs and cards and special brunches, we often overlook how painful this holiday might be for others who’ve lost their mother, or worse, mother’s who’ve lost a child.

In an exclusive essay for MadameNoire, Usher’s ex-wife and Hollywood Exes Atlanta star Tameka Raymond opens up about that struggle, and how she is learning to cope and move forward. Raymond lost her 11-year-old son, Kile Glover, on July 21, 2012 to a tragic jet-ski accident.

“I have always heard that a mother should never have to bury her children,” she writes. “I absolutely agree. I am living the unimaginable. Every day feels like an odd dream sequence, but I muscle through and I will say that it has taught me to live, love and enjoy life to its fullest potential. I have also learned to never, I mean NEVER, sweat the trivial or meaningless things.”

Raymond is determined to live on despite her incredible loss, particularly on days that are extra painful, like Mother’s Day.

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“I live out loud with immense fervor, appreciation, and optimism,” she continues. “For me, Mother’s Day has transformed into meaning something new. It is another day that I am simply grateful for the privilege of being a mother. It is important for every mother who is missing a child on Mother’s Day to believe that the bond between mother and child is never broken. No one can ever take that attachment or eternal love away. Being a mother is stronger than death for me. I am wishing all Mothers, everywhere, love and appreciation for the gift you have in your children. Always remain grateful.”

To read Raymond’s entire letter visits MadameNoire.com.