We absolutely loved the debut season of “Braxton Family Values”! The past few Tuesday nights have made us laugh (Traci’s hilarious charm school visit), cry (Mama Braxton’s heartbreaking divorce story) and a little bit of everything in between. While we’ve loved tuning in to see all of the Braxton sisters, we have to admit, Tamar has become our absolute fave!

We caught up with the domain-name queen to get her take on what it’s like to become a reality show star and how she deals with folks calling her out-of-control.org…

ESSENCE.com: Wow, girl, you are over-the-top.com. We’ve loved watching you this season.

TAMAR: [laughs] It’s not like I’m trying… I’m the youngest of five girls, and I don’t know about you, but it’s really hard to be heard when you have five women. I’ve always been this loud and over the top as a person because I just want to be heard.

ESSENCE.com: What have you learned about yourself and your sisters from the show? 

TAMAR: I didn’t know that I was so that loud. I didn’t know that my honesty was sometimes taken like I was trying to be rude. I just thought I was being honest with my sisters. I learned that I have to pull back and not give my opinion unless it’s asked for. I learned that my sisters are very sensitive. I had to re-learn that they’re not only my sisters, they’re grown women, and I can’t just talk crazy to grown women like that.

ESSENCE.com: To some, you have everything a woman could want; the cars, the house, a supportive husband. Do you think you’re misunderstood for wanting more? 

TAMAR: When I was a little girl, I never said, ‘You know, mommy, I want to grow up and become somebody’s wife. All of these things –- the clothes, shoes — these things are not my accomplishment. When someone says, ‘Oh, Tamar, you think you’re all that because you have money, I’m like, ‘What money do I have?’ Where’s my check? I definitely don’t think that I’m the jam or that I’m better than somebody else, because I’m just a woman who is still searching for her own success. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

ESSENCE.com:  So have you signed a contract with Vincent to get your music career going again?

TAMAR: [laughs] I can’t tell you that… you have to wait.

ESSENCE.com: Let’s talk about your hair. You change it in every scene…

TAMAR: Well you know, it’s so funny, because in a couple of scenes even I’m like, ‘What is that piece on your head, homegirl?’ No ma’am! I’m not oblivious to the fact that sometimes it’s a hotmess.com. Like, who am I to be honest with everybody else if I’m not honest with myself? Like, for real? My hairstylist lives in Atlanta, so if she comes to do my hair, it’s kinda hard to keep it up and I’m not the best hair girl in the world. That’s why you see the different pieces. I’m getting a little better, but that’s not my calling.

We love us some Tamar!

“Braxton Family Values” returns for season 2 in 2012.