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Frisky Friday: Take Our Fantasy Man Quiz

Every sex expert will tell you, 'fantasy is an essential component to a healthy sex life.' So we thought we'd help you boost your libido today with a sexy fantasy man quiz. Answer the question to find out if you'd rather be rough-housing with David McIntosh or heating things up by the fire with Denzel Washington. It's a win-win situation. Check out our February issue's fantasy men in all their glory Can't get enough of this boy candy? Feast your eyes of these young guys


1. What is the first thing you look at when you meet a guy?
a) I study the way he looks at me
b) I examine his hairstyle
c) I pay attention to unusual things like freckles or a scar
d) I check out his arms, back and chest
e) A sincere smile

2. What personality trait must a guy have to get you?
a) I need a sensitive guy
b) He needs to have a creative mind
c) He has to be worldly and well-travelled
d) I want someone who’s very loving and cuddly
e) He’s got to be down to earth

3. What’s a perfect date like for you?
a) Going to an intimate concert or poetry reading
b) Going out on the town to see and to be seen
c) Something cultural like a museum or dancing lessons
d) Sitting courtside with my guy at a basketball game
e) Having a great dinner followed by a captivating play or film

4. How would your fantasy guy end your first date?
a) In a passionate kiss that leaves my knees weak
b) With cute kisses on my eyelids and nose
c) He’ll tease me with almost-kisses that keep me curious
d) With a big squeeze and a peck on my check or lips
e) With a gentle kiss on my hand

5. What style would you like your ideal guy to have?
a) Classic with an intellectual touch like a beret or a bow tie
b) Funky and current, with designs that stand out
c) Simple yet custom made
d) Laid back, with jeans, t-shirts and some nice kicks
e) Smooth and Sophisticated, a man in a suit does it every time

6. Which movie best suits you?
a) ‘Love Jones’
b) ‘Boomerang’
c) ‘Mississippi Masala’
d) ‘Love and Basketball’
e) ‘The Brothers’

7. What type of car do you like?
a) Vintage classic–1968 Ford Mustang
b) Sports Car–Red Corvette
c) Euro Style–Saab 9-3
d) SUV–Land Rover Range Rover
e) Luxury car–Rolls Royce Ghost

8. Which ice cream do you like more?
a) Haagen Dazs Dulce De Leche
b) Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey
c) Snyders’ Chocolate and Pretzel
d) Edy’s Apple Pie 
e) Godiva Dark Chocolate

OK, now add up your points:

What Your Score Says About You

You scored between 8 and 11
You like a soulful brother–someone sensual like Maxwell, with passion in his eyes like Terrence Howard.

You scored between 12 and 19
Just like you, your guy needs be able to walk into a room and demand attention. You’re looking to be in a power couple so you’ll need a guy with LL Cool J‘s swag and Lance Gross‘s sense of style.

You scored between 20 and 27
You crave adventure and get bored with the norm. It’s no wonder you go after multi-cultural men that can give you a new cultural experience like Adam Rodriguez and Jesse Williams.

You scored between 28 and 35
A man can be creative, well-travelled and all that, but if he can’t scoop you up and throw you over his shoulder, you’re not feeling him. You need a guy like Reggie Bush or David McIntosh to put his big arms around you.

You scored between 36 and 40
You have distinguished taste and crave the finer things in life like sexy, sophisticated on and off screen heartthrobs Idris Elba and Denzel Washington.

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