Take Note! Today is the Final Day to Enroll in Affordable Care Act Coverage
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Time is running out!

If you need to buy your own health insurance for 2016, don’t forget that the deadline to get coverage starting on New Year’s Day is Dec. 15. You can still sign up for insurance until Jan. 31, but your coverage won’t begin until later in the year.

If you miss the Jan. 31 deadline too, you won’t be able to get insurance at all in 2016, unless you have a big life change like losing your job, getting married or having a baby. And the Obama administration says the deadline will not be extended this year, as it has in the past.

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Nearly 90 Percent of American Adults Have Health Insurance: Survey

Go without health insurance in 2016, and you’ll pay a huge tax in 2017. The average tax penalty is expected to reach almost $1,000 next year. The penalty could be even higher depending on your income and family size.

Visit healthcare.gov to sign up.

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