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T-Boz Files for Bankruptcy

T-Boz of TLC encounters financial trouble and is filing for bankruptcy.
T-Boz of the greatest ’90s girl group, TLC, is currently going through some financial woes. Today’s news couldn’t come at a worse time — Christmas is a mere 26 days away.

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According to TMZ T-Boz also known as Tionne Watkins is filing for bankruptcy. Unlike many bankruptcy cases we’ve seen this year, Ms. Watkins is no fancy spender, her monthly income totals $11,700 a month while her monthly expenses total $8,821 a month.

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You would think with the amount of success TLC had in the ’90s and early 2000’s that girlfriend would be set — but that’s not the case. T-Boz only pulls in $1,200 a month in royalties from her music.

We’re certainly hoping and praying that T-Boz gets her bank account together soon.