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Symone Sanders Detained At LaGuardia Airport

Symone Sanders Detained At LaGuardia Airport
Symone Sanders

Political strategist Symone Sanders was detained on Thursday by police at LaGuardia Airport in New York City. 

The CNN political commentator is said to have been asked by TSA agents to step out of line for a more detailed security check, PIX11 News reports. When she refused, Sanders was accused of disorderly conduct and was issued a criminal summons.

She took to Twitter on Friday to address the incident: “Yesterday, I was violently arrested in the security screening line at LaGuardia airport,” she tweeted. “I was taken offsite and issued a summons for ‘disorderly conduct.’ My attorney and I look forward to the opportunity to highlight this injustice and righting what we believe to be a profound wrong.”

This is not Sanders’ first incident of flying while black. She ran into issues with American Airlines last May when she tried to check in a bag and the airline ended up calling the police for no apparent reason. 

We hope Sanders and her legal team can sort out the situation as soon as possible.