Motherhood for some requires a little extra effort. According to Swizz Beatz, that’s not the case for wife, Alicia Keys. He says she’s a “natural mom.”

The rapper and producer told People, “She even surprised my mom, who wanted to give her tips but was like ‘What tips can give?! She’s already ahead of the game.”

Keys has been vocal about parenting her 21-month-old son, Egypt. She’s said in the past she wants to raise a charitable son. “I think as a compassionate person, which I really want to teach him to be, you naturally want to lend and be a part of change. I know that he’ll naturally find the thing he’s passionate about and want to change.”

But are more in kids in the future for the couple?

“God willing, yes” said Beatz. “Everything just has to flow.” When asked if “God willing” meant Alicia willing, Beatz chuckled, “That too!”

Beatz has three kids from previous relationships.


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