This summer invest in a swimsuit perfect for your shape. Check out these great picks that flatter hard-to-fit body types

Full hips and thighs

• Look for swimwear that gives you a leaner look. Those with vertical stripes or side shirring are great options.

• Choose a suit that draws the eye upward with an attention-grabbing neckline or brightly colored top.

• Do consider a flirty skirt. Skirted suits that smoothly graze the thigh are very slimming.

• This blue surplice style by Cole of California ($78, 800-770-6858) does the trick.

• Certain patterns, such as bold prints, can act as camouflage. They keep the eyes moving, distracting them from areas you don’t want to emphasize.

• Stay away from flimsy fabrics that don’t offer any hip or thigh control. Look to spandex or Lycra-blended materials for adequate support.

Shapely booty

• Look for swimsuits that offer full coverage in the rear. They won’t cut into your derriere and accentuate fleshiness.

• Feel free to play with color. You don’t have to limit yourself to dark hues, but realize that brights and patterns can make your backside appear larger. If you like vibrant color, stick to one hue from top to bottom, such as the pink suit above, by Venus (top, $38, and bottom, $29, 800-366-7946).

• Skip horizontal stripes and large-scale prints, which can often magnify your problem areas.

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• Avoid unflattering touches, such as ruching, ruffles or bottoms that cut to a V in the back.

Ample tummy

• Look for suits that have hidden control panels and a high percentage of Lycra. Many innovative fabrics can shrink your stomach and make you look up to two sizes smaller.

• Try the one piece, above, by Miraclesuit ($114, 800-291-2943).

• Opt for vertical accents like the lavender side stripes shown above. They contour the body and give the illusion of a slimmer waistline.

• Select styles that camouflage your middle. Those with shirring, wrapping or diagonal stripes and bold prints are great options.

• Avoid suits that draw attention to the area you want to downplay. This tankini top creeps up (see top inset), revealing an over-hanging belly.


Full bust

•Support is a must. Whether you want one- or two-piece suits, choose one that has sturdy straps, gives full coverage at the armholes, and has an underwire or a built-in bra for added security.

• If you prefer a two-piece, buy from manufacturers who sell tops and bottoms separately to guarantee a good fit. We like this two-piece, above, by Venus (top, $40, and bottom, $31, 800-366-7946).

• Often your cup size, not your clothing size, determines a great fit in swimwear, so you may have to go up a size or two to find one that suits you.