The heat is still here and it doesn’t look like the summer is getting any cooler. If your children aren’t in summer camp, you’re probably running out of ideas of how to keep them busy. If you haven’t done so already, take the family on a day trip to an amusement or water park. These trips are fun and exciting for everyone, but they do require you to think ahead of time. No worries, we have some tips. Six Flags or Sesame Place? Although amusement and water parks are tons of fun, there are often glitches and faults in the rides, the safety of the environment or just the park in general. It’s important to choose the right park for your family. Some parks accommodate certain age groups better than others. You will be more comfortable with your toddlers at Sesame Place than Six Flags where there’s a larger crowd and there are less rides that cater to the little ones. Make sure you choose wisely. Remember, you want to enjoy yourself and be assured that your children are safe. “Mommy, I’m hungry” A lot of these amusement and water parks require financial preparation. Always remember, nothing at these parks is free. Not even a bottle of water. Before leaving the house, be sure everyone eats. It’s a good idea to bring along snacks and drinks too, because you aren’t going to want to buy any at the park. You should also make sure you remember to pack everyone’s bathing suits, towels and swim shoes. They aren’t cheap at the parks. Safety There are a number of things you should be aware of when maintaining safety at an amusement or water park. Although these parks have maintenance staff, they can never be clean enough. For water parks, be sure to bring water shoes. It’s also great to have you own travel first aid kit, just incase someone gets a scratch. No matter where you go in the world, you’re always going to have to make sure no one is preying on your kids. Everyone can and should have a wonderful time, but the reality is that there are predators out there. You can avoid these situations by establishing rules with the kids ahead of time, always knowing where they are and never letting them go anywhere alone. 
Now that we’ve covered all the bases, go have a blast!

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