Survey Says Men With Messy Homes (and No Toilet Paper) Lose Out With The Ladies
(c) Vincent Ricardel

Would you dump someone if their home was a mess? A new survey says 15 percent of people would do just that.

Handy, a professional home cleaning service, commissioned UC Berkley Researcher Dr. Lindsay Graham, Phd to find correlations, if any, between the tidiness of our homes and our dating lives, and men should really hear what she found.

“We conducted a survey of consumers in 22 states across the U.S. to explore American attitudes to our homes, and the role these spaces play in defining how we view ourselves and others,” says Graham.


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According to this new study, 67 percent of people said when dating someone, they look at their home to see how compatible they are.

It’s often said our homes are ultimately a reflection of who we are and where our mind is; when we step into a person’s home,  we not scan the area with all five senses.

Can you smell the trash that hasn’t been taken out?  Can you see the dishes left in the sink from last week’s lasagna? Which by the way, 40 percent of people have ditched their dates for according to Dr. Graham.

And guess what percentage of women have completely “ghosted” a guy for NOT having toilet tissue? A whopping 47 percent! Hilarious, right? And completely true!

On the flip side, 48 percent of men have ended a relationship with a woman all together because of the general mess in their homes. 
And if you live in either Ohio, Washington,D.C. or Arizona, I feel sorry for you, these are the areas where individuals will give you the axe for an untidy house, no questions asked.

So next time you think about entertaining the ‘new boo’ at your house, ask yourself,  “Could I stand for a little Spring cleaning?” 


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