Your Thoughts on Cheating

Survey Says

Last week, in lieu of all the celebs caught stepping out on their wives, we surveyed 793 users to find out your thoughts on cheating.

A few of the results will surprise you. Click through to find out how many of you think all men cheat and who would forgive their men if they cheated…

Do you think all men cheat?

Orange: Yes—29.4% or 233

Blue: No—27.6% or 560

Why do you think men cheat?

Orange: Because he has the opportunity to do so—54.7% or 434

Blue: Something’s wrong in his relationship—15.5% or 123

Purple: He always thinks the “grass is greener”—29.8% or 236

Do you think celebrities are more likely to cheat than everyday people?

Orange: Yes, because they have more opportunities than the average man.—35.7 or 283

Blue: No, fame doesn’t change a man’s integrity.—64.3% or 510

If your man cheated, would it make a difference if he had a one-night-stand versus a long term relationship?

Orange: Yes, it would be easier for me to forgive a single mistake over long-term deception.—57%

Blue: No, once a cheater, always a cheater. I couldn’t forgive.—43%

When is it considered cheating to you?

Orange: when he flirts with other women—24.7% or 196

Blue: When he starts kissing another woman—49.6% or 393

Purple: When he and another woman engage in oral sex—4.0% or 32

Red: When he and another woman engage in sexual intercourse—21.7% or 172

Would you forgive your man if he cheated?

Orange: I’d forgive him if he were really ready to show me that he could change.—35.6% or 282

Blue: I would only forgive him if it happened once and he was truly sorry.—26.2% or 208

Purple: No, I’d never be able to trust him again if I found out he was cheating.—38.2% or 303

Who do you think is to blame when a man cheats?

Orange: The Man—51.7% or 410

Blue: The Woman—0.8% or 6

Purple: Both—47.5 or 377

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