The fashion world experienced a huge loss when supermodel Naomi Sims died in 2009 after a long battle with breast cancer. She was the “first Black supermodel” and graced the cover of Ladies Home Journal in November 1968, a time when Black models were a rare find in magazines. Now, the public has an opportunity to purchase a piece of history, a charity auction of selected items from her estate is available on February 27 at 2 PM. The pieces include a vintage Louis Vuitton travel and cosmetic case, two large ivory tribal bracelets, a three-strand branch coral necklace, and paintings of the model. The event is hosted by John and Kathy Nye, owners of Nye & Company, at 425 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, New Jersey. “It’s a privilege to be able to handle the Naomi Sims’ sale and to honor her legacy in the fashion world as the breakout supermodel that she became. I am happy to hold the sale in Montclair, which is a couple miles from her home in Newark, New Jersey. I think that is a perfect way to celebrate the great experience of her life,” says John Nye. Read More: