Sunny Hostin Takes Amy Klobuchar To Task On Prosecutorial Record
Sunny Hostin Facebook | Getty Images

Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar has been surging in the polls. On the heels of what many called a strong debate night, she made an even stronger showing in the New Hampshire primary. But not everyone is impressed by Klobuchar, namely The View cohost Sunny Hostin. On Tuesday the Bronx native drilled the 2020 hopeful on her prosecutorial record.

In addition to failing to “prosecute a single killing by the police,” as Hostin pointed out during their exchange, her office also sentenced a teen to life in prison in the murder of 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards, who was killed by a stray bullet. There was no gun recovered, no DNA evidence that Myon Burrell, who has always proclaimed his innocence, was involved, and another young man confessed to being the one responsible. Still, that didn’t stop Klobuchar from touting the conviction in her 2006 run for the Senate.

“I’ve reviewed the facts of that case, and it is one of the most flawed investigations and prosecutions that I think I have ever seen,” Hostin told Klobuchar. “I mean, how do you defend something like that, to someone like me, who is the mother of a Black boy, a Black teenager?” Hostin asked. “This case would be my worst nightmare.” 

Klobuchar suggested that systemic racism within the criminal justice system is really to blame for her record but added, “I’ve called for the office and the courts to review the evidence. I think you know, Sunny, that I care so much about justice, and this case must be reviewed.”

The Minnesota senator also defended her low polling among Black voters, saying that she receives Black support at home but her challenge is that she needs more people to get to know her. Klobuchar has placed much of her outreach efforts into securing votes in mostly white Iowa and New Hampshire.