This heat wave has been overbearing and draining for all of us. The kids are more than likely to get restless and need something to do. You’d rather spend the days inside but the kids rather get out of the house. Where’s the compromise? Look no further, the cool solution is here. Zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens and museums meet everyone’s needs. The children will have their chance to get out, learn something new and breathe some fresh air. At the same time, you will be at ease by knowing your children are learning and getting some culture while you’re comfortable in the air conditioned venue. These institutions are some of the few safe places left where children can be educated while being entertained — edutained. Have a schedule It isn’t going to be fun for anyone if you have no schedule and have no clue where you’re going, especially in the heat. Doing research before you set out on your adventure with the little ones will be beneficial to everyone. Look for special exhibits that the kids may like or different shows like a dolphin or sea lion show. It’s also a smart idea not to go everywhere in one day. The more you see over a number of days, the more you will be able to forget about the dry heat. Become a Member Visiting a zoo or a museum should be a habitual outing for your family. These opportunities will culture and educate your children. Many zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens and museums have memberships. You will save tons of money by becoming a member. You will also show the kids how important it is to be a part of an environmental or cultural initiative. Conclude the Day Although this trip was for fun, it’s important to be sure that everyone got something from the experience. It’s summer vacation for the children, however they should always be learning something new! You can have a casual discussion with the kids when you leave; see what they liked and learned.