Recent study results indicate that our young Black men are suffering from a lack of mental treatment. African-American males between 15-19 die from homicide at a rate 46 times higher than their White counterparts, according to Dr. Claire Xanthos, a health services research specialist and author of the study “The Secret Epidemic: Exploring the Mental Health Crisis Affecting Adolescent African-American Males.” The study also says African-American males achievement begins to decline around the fourth grade. In 2001, only 43 percent of African-American males graduated from high school, compared to 71 percent of their white peers. During 1980-1995, the suicide rate for adolescent African-American male’s ages 15-19 increased from 5.6 to 13.8 per 100,000 of the population.

“In addition to dealing with the physical, mental and emotional issues typically experienced during adolescence, adolescent African-American males are confronted with unique social and environmental stressors.” said Dr. Xanthos to The Health Examiner.