I work with people everyday that are seeking identity and power through their appearance. Power comes from within and the attitude about appearance has to start with the mind. One day a few years ago I was walking down the street with a friend and we came across an older woman who was dressed head to toe in an outfit that was from the 70’s. We giggled but my friend said ” If this was 1976 she would be fierce”. This got me thinking about style and identity. This older woman was in her glory during that period of her life and made a conscious decision to continue to dress that way. She has no idea how she appears in the present style arena. This is an extreme case scenario, however we all know someone who cannot release the past glory of their hey-day. Fashion is promoted as a fantasy lifestyle and I think it paralyzes the everyday woman. Trying to live up to the standards of beauty is hard enough but wearing the right clothes for the right occasion can be frightening and debilitating. I often encourage my clients to experiment with clothes to find a style or look that gives them the confidence needed to function in a fast paced world. A good way to determine your own personal “style map” is to play dress up and have a friend photograph you in several different outfits that you would put together on your own for various occasions.Look at these photo’s and decide if this is the image you want the world to see. You will have a true view of how you look to the world. Remember playing dress up as a kid? Well it can still be fun and you might learn something about the style that’s right for you. For more “10 Minute Style” with Harper, click here. Read More: