Style Bloggers Share Body-Shaming Experiences in #SaySomethingNice Video
Amazon Fashion Europe via Youtube

Body shaming is nothing new but it has gone viral with our digital age. Strangers are cruel behind their keyboard and it is not just stars that get targeted. Style bloggers are front and center as they share their world and their bodies with us on social media and yes, they get pummeled with body-shaming remarks. Amazon Fashion Europe came out with a personal video with International style bloggers Freddie Harrel, Susie Bubble, Camille Charriere, Samar Seraqui de Buttafoco, Masha Sedgwick and Gala Gonzalez, Clementine Desseaux (model) and Hana Tajima (fashion designer) giving some insight to the real world they see. 

Each woman shares some of the ugliness that has been thrown at them like being called ugly, fat or how they should be ashamed to even be on TV. They are being judged daily and on the flip side they do share how they have also judged others in the past too.  At the end of the video they all pledge to #saysomethingnice and to bring about a place where people can feel free to express themselves. As Tajima says in the video, “Let’s make fashion and social media a place where you can experiment without fear of judgment.” 

The campaign is for Europe so we are not sure if it will expand to the US but this is a hashtag we need to get behind. Just #saysomethignice. 


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