Sexting has been a hot topic on all our tongues since the infamous “Weinergate” media fiasco. Much of the debate points to men as being the usual culprit of such “devious” behavior, but a new study reveals that women may be equally guilty, if not more.

Here’s the surprise: married women who already admit to cheating on their spouses are apparently the ones sexting. Diane Kholos Wysocki and Cherly D. Childers, both sociology professors at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, recently released results of a study they conducted on adult visitors of, a popular infidelity community, which asked 68 questions about sexual behavior and internet usage, reports The Huffington Post. Two thirds of the women surveyed admit to sending sexual text messages. Only half of the men surveyed were guilty.

The results of the survey are considered questionable given that it was optional, not random, and based solely on those who are open to infidelity, however, they do offer a chance to discuss a trend that could be emerging among married individuals.

“Cheating is alive and well, and sexting is on the rise,” said Dr. Kholos Wysocki. “But I don’t believe the Internet is causing people to cheat. There seems to be something going on with marriage that’s the bigger social issue. Before, people would just get a divorce. For some reason, people are staying and cheating instead.”

Reliability aside, these results can’t be good for marriage, period. Do you think sexting while married is cheating? Could you forgive your spouse?